Swedish Metrology and Quality AB in coordination with MNE-Konsult

We have increased our service in the area of intercomparisons in mechanical calibrations and have been running several Intercomparisons in Sweden and Norway the last 6 months covering checkweighers, brake testers, retardation equipment and head lamp testers,

The increasing interest in this area of service has been seen by many laboratories that are contacting us.
There is an ongoing planning on ILC for:

  • Truck scales
  • Front wheel loaders weighing instruments
  • Garbage weighing instruments
  • Industrial scales 10kg – 10Ton

Those are in planning in an early stage and we have recieved some intrest by needed laboratories. We need at least 3 participants in each field in order to do a quality evaluation.

Example of an intercomparison report on weighing instruments including international participants! Press here

Please inform us if you are interested in any of these fields.
We are now prepared to arrange intercomparisons in other areas where there is no service available now in Europe.

Please send a request to us through e-mail hakan.kallgren@smquality.se and we will see how we may support you.