Swedish Metrology and Quality AB in coordination with MNE-Konsult

The ILC is dedicated to calibration laboratiories that calibrate laboratory balances having capacities in the 0 – 30kg.

A special focus is to perform the intercomparisons as required by the new ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and by using the principles in ISO/IEc 17043 on the pilot laboratory and the reporting principles.

The performance on this ILC should be a base to fulfil the detailed requirements issued by the guidance in EA-4/18 and Sweden DOC 06:9 revision 10.


  • Max= 30kg d=1g
  • Max= 4100g d= 10mg
  • Max= 220g d= 0,1mg
  • Max=2-10g d=0,001mg


  • Are already accredited
  • Are in the process to be accredited
  • Want to check the quality in general in your calibrations

Dates and place:

February 17-24
Språnga/Stockholm Sweden


Basic charge for laboratories having less than 4 laboratory technicians 4 000 SEK
All other laboratories 8 000 SEK
And a fee for each participant/balance 1 400 SEK
All other laboratories 8 000 SEK


Application before 17 January 2020. 

Observe: there is still a possibility for  laboratories to apply.
We appreciate an earlier application as this helps us in planning the details.
You may change the details in an application you have sent but not later than February 1.

More details may be found here. Download the PDF down below.

Sign up:

Please sign up to the ILC here: hakan.kallgren@smquality.se