Swedish Metrology and Quality

SMQ is involved in a Quality project in Uganda until Mars 2017:

"Support to the implementation of the Quality infrastructure and standards programme- QUISP".


The Technical manager Håkan Källgren is acting as the team-leader in the international support to the QUISP project including 6 specialized

international experts. The input from SMQ is to strengthen "Capacity Development of Service Providers" in standards development

conformity assessment and measurement services.


The project is a corporation between BSI and NIRAS AB.

For more information visit: http://www.mtic.go.ug/index.php?/quisp-article/




Uganda minister in Sweden




Ugandan Minister Amelia Anne Kyambadde and Senior Comercial Officer Philda Mubiru Maiga on visit in Sweden, here at Swedac with Prof.Leslie Pendrill SP, Margitta Fröberg Swedac, Håkan Källgren QUISP, Henrik Carlborg Swedac och Helena Källgren SMQ. Photo: Anette Malmström

Ugandan Minister Amelia Anne Kyambadde talking to Håkan Källgren QUISP during a visit in Kampala. Together with The Swedish Ambassador Anders Urban Andersson.
Uganda project