Swedish Metrology and Quality


SMQ is collaborating with a network of international partners. The partners are from a range of different metrology

and accreditation subjects including general quality areas. The network includes some part-time employment of

specialists and part time contracts with consultancy all over the world. The partners are e.g. the following.

QIP consult AB is a partner to SMQ.

It is a consult company with experience and expertise in quality management and systems.

For more information visit: www.qipconsult.se



QIP consult






MNE Peter Lau Konsult AB is also a partner to SMQ. Peter Lau is the CEO of the company and is a retired metrologist from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Peter offers services in cooperation with SMQ as for example:


- Development of methods in testing and calibration

- Uncertainty analysis for most types of measurements

- Organization and evaluation of measurement comparisons

- Organization and evaluation of Measurement System Analysis

- Training in many metrology techniques (especially volume, flow, density, temperature)

- Analyses of measurement quality






Peter Lau