Swedish Metrology and Quality

Quality support to private companies in Borås, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

SMQ has lectured at the University College of Borås in metrology to international students.

Håkan Källgren was an invited speaker in a metrology part of an International training course in Quality Infrastructure.

Development supporting World Trade. For more info: www.anrika.se/sv/services/international-training-programs


Projects in Oslo, Trondheim and Bodö in Norway. Projects involving Quality assessment and intercomparisons.


Håkan Källgren was an invited speaker at a weighing seminar at www.mikes.fi/ in Helsinki on October 19.

Subjects: Calibration procedures in Europe and Comparison measurements.

If you want more information contact: hakan.kallgren@smquality.se




Bodo Norway











Håkan with workgroup in training

course "Quality Infrastructure

Development supporting World Trade."

Håkan together with Jon Ivar

Juvik on a quality assessment

in Bodö, Norway.














Nordic countries